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What is Da Vinci Robotic Surgery?
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What is Inguinal Hernia?

What is Hernia?
There are several different types of hernias. The most common one is Inguinal Hernia.  Hernia just means that there is a weakness in the abdominal wall or fascia or enlargement of natural orifice of the body.  The Inguinal Hernias are the weakness or large opening in the groin area in either left or right side. Both women and men suffer from this surgically treatable disease. The Inguinal Hernias can be either left or right sided or both. It can also be direct or indirect depending on where exactly the hernia is located and where it opens to. 

How Do You Fix the Inguinal Hernia?
All hernias are not the same. The treatments are also very different. Dr. Lee performs Minimally Invasive Surgical Repair of the Inguinal Hernias using Da Vinci Robotic Technique with the latest advanced Physiomesh.

What Types of Repairs are there for Inguinal Hernias?
Most notably there is an old fashioned open suture repair, open repair with flat mesh and open repair with Plugs. These repairs are becoming less popular due to several reasons such as pain, recurrence, complications and increased down time for the patients.
Dr. Lee performs Da Vinci Robotic Inguinal Hernia Repair with most advanced Physiomesh.

What is Da Vinci Robotic Inguinal Hernia Repair?
The inguinal hernias can be repaired from the inside of the abdomen by making three very tiny incisions around the belly button and either side of the belly button.  Very tiny Robotic instruments are introduced and fix the holes where it begins from the inside.  Dr. Lee uses the latest Physiologically advanced Physiomesh from Ethicon, which is far superior than any other product due to its coating to inhibit any adhesion formation and thinness of the mesh to give the patient most comfort and quickest time of recovery. Due to the internal fixation with naturally absorbable stitches, the patient's comfort is much improved with less recurrence.

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