Dr. Francis S. Lee, Advanced Surgical Care, M.C. - Advanced Laparoscopic, Da Vinci Robotic Surgeon
What Can I Expect Before and After the Surgery?
1.  Pre-op Visit takes place in one of the two locations at Dr. Lee's regular office hours.  It usually takes one hour from the beginning to finish for a new patient and 15 min. or less for a returning patient.
2.  Surgery takes place in one of the four hospitals or any surgery center that Dr. Lee is affiliated with or outpatient Surgery Centers.
3.  The day of surgery you cannot eat or drink.  You must be N.P.O. for 8 hours prior to the surgery.
4.  The recovery is usually the same day or 23 hours after the surgery for the patient to be discharged from the hospital.  Hernia surgery patient goes home the same day.  Gallbladder patient stays one night.  Bowel surgical patients may stay extra day or more.
5.  The pain is minimal when you have only one small incision.  At all times Dr. Lee injects a long term local anesthesia at the time of the surgery.
6.  Most of the patients shower next morning.  Patients are able to drive in a few days when they don't take any pain medications and experience minimal discomfort.
7. Dr. Lee usually releases the patients to go back to work without any restrictions within one to two weeks after almost all of his surgeries.
8.  We recommend at least six weeks before any heavy lifting or exercise that may hinder natural healing process for the deep tissue such as fascia.
How much does it cost to have the initial consultation and the surgery?
1.  There are cash discount service for the initial consultation and surgery.
2.  Please, contact us for any questions about the cost of the initial consultation.
3.  There are discounts for those patients wanting to pay directly and not use their high deductible medical insurance.  We respect the right of the patients to exercise the option of paying for their consultation and surgery at deep discount!
4.   Call our office soon so that we can discuss the various options!