Dr. Francis S. Lee, Advanced Surgical Care, M.C. - Advanced Laparoscopic, Da Vinci Robotic Surgeon
Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery is the latest advancement in the Minimally Invasive Surgery.  The Surgeon has many more advanced tools at his disposal during the Robotic Surgery to help with his surgical skills to promote less pain and faster recovery.

Advances in Optics:  Robotic Surgeon can magnify the image 10X normal to see even very small vessels, nerves during the usual dissection.

Stereo Tactic Visual: Robotic Surgeon has Stereo 3-D visualization during the surgery due to the Advances in the Robotic Scopes that are designed as the human eyes with two separate lenses that are offset just like the Surgeon's eyes.

Steady Instrumentation and Optics: Robotic Surgeons sit in a console and control the steady arms and instruments without fatigue, tremors or sudden movements thus minimizing any human errors.  The Robotic camera is also controlled by the surgeon and not by his assistant.  The camera held by the Robotic Arm is very steady and gives excellent 3-D visualization where the surgeon wants to see.

Post-Op Fast Recovery:  The patients usually recover much faster after the Robotic Surgery due to the minimal pain and shortened hospital stay thus saving money. The patients usually go back to work sooner so that the patients have less down-time.