Dr. Francis S. Lee, Advanced Surgical Care, M.C. - Advanced Laparoscopic, Da Vinci Robotic Surgeon
Minimally Invasive Surgery & Robotic Surgery Performed by Dr. Francis S. Lee

Dr. Francis S. Lee is a Board Certified General Surgeon who specializes in Da Vinci Robotic Surgeries and Laparoscopic Minimally Invasive Surgeries to help his patients heal with minimal pain and shorter time of recovery.

Dr. Lee performs Da Vinci Robotic Surgeries in Gallbladder Removal, Hernia Repairs with a Mesh,  Surgery to Cure the Heartburn and Hiatal Hernia, Appendix Removal, Small and Large Intestine Surgeries, Diverticulitis, Adhesion Removal, Bowel Obstruction Surgeries, Diagnostic Laparoscopy Surgery.